About the role

We are looking for a talented Tech Director to work closely with our VP of Product to set the digital strategy and technical architecture for Founders Pledge as we build tools and solutions that help us empower entrepreneurs to do immense good. You will be working with one in-house full stack developer and leveraging the engineering power of our member’s companies, off/near-shore development teams, off-the-shelf SaaS products and in-house tools, so your strong software engineering skills as well as your commercial business mindset will allow you to make intelligent ‘build vs buy’ decisions. As we move to a scalable, more digital product offering, we will be building tools and using software solutions to: - Better understand our members’ values, giving preferences and feedback - Engage our community digitally in a meaningful way - Automate key processes such as pledge signing, onboarding and pledge fulfilment - Enable our members to more easily manage their giving This role will give you a mix of technical and software development – designing technical architecture, spending time building some of the tools and products yourself, including prototypes, and ensuring maintenance of our existing technology – alongside managing external development and product teams. You will also be pivotal in enabling teams across the organisation to be more efficient and effective in their work by providing them with suitable and well-designed tech solutions and fixes. This is an integral role in our newly-formed Product team, and you will be a key sparring partner for our VP of Product as we move our product offering more firmly into the digital sphere.
  • Excellent engineering skills - you’re willing to roll up your sleeves to build things yourself, from prototypes and tests to fully-fledged digital tools and solutions for our teams
  • Commercial understanding and a product mindset - you understand how businesses work and how different pieces can fit together
  • Experience managing or working with outsourced/remote teams - you have high standards and can communicate requirements clearly to external teams
  • Proven leadership capabilities - you’re excited about leading from the front and building product and technical aptitude and processes across the organisation, as well as people and budget management
  • Resilient and adaptable - you have a ‘can-do’ attitude, are able to react to new challenges as they arise and are excited to find tech solutions to solve them (even in unchartered territory)

Salary range £60,000 — 70,000