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Our products are educational experiences demystifying technology for non-technical professionals. We are looking for a Technology Storyteller whose biggest strength is clearly communicating technology to a non-technical audience, in-person, and digitally. You are an energetic, enthusiastic individual with a gift for communication, coding and hacking together digital solutions.

You are a practitioner (i.e. you code) and you relish the chance to explain behind the screen to leaders at organizations like IBM, General Electric, and the International Rescue Committee.

You may have a computer science background or better still you're self-taught because you love it. You are not phased by the need to quickly upskill as new technology emerges, taking pleasure in breaking down complex concepts for a non-technical audience. You’re self-motivated and take initiative within a small tight-knit team.

You chain blocks in your spare time (and you’re happy to Google it and figure it out if not 🎁⛓🤓).

You are eligible to work in the United States, or you are a citizen of the United Kingdom (we’ll bring you over).

This job is in New York, USA with substantial travel through the Americas.

Key Responsibilities include:

  • Expertly delivering Decoded course content to clients: Code, Data Science, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Cybersecurity and Innovation

  • Expertly delivering bespoke course and talk content to clients around any technology subject (e.g. neural nets, APIs, VR)

  • Creating new products with amazing pedagogy, content and delivery

  • Engaging with the tech world and passing that knowledge on to the rest of the team

  • Identifying, pitching and speaking at leading industry events

  • Additional product-related tasks as needed

You are:

  • An excellent and charismatic communicator
  • Unfazed by the challenge of learning new programming languages, data analysis techniques, and hardware platforms
  • Hyper-organized and reliable
  • A natural team-player
  • Passionate about technology
  • Experience coding in a high-level language such as JavaScript, Python, Matlab or R
  • Excited by solving business problems, big and small
  • A proactive self-starter who likes nothing better than getting things done

Right now, you are itching to:

  • Develop your business acumen
  • Unleash your creativity on the technology world
  • Quickly take on lots of responsibility
  • Collaborate with brilliantly smart and charismatic people
  • Build proof of concepts around the latest technology and get them in front of senior leaders

A career at Decoded is probably up your street if you:

  • Have also thought about working at a tech company, a consultancy or a startup
  • Are ready to jump in at the deep-end
  • Enjoy traveling

A career at Decoded is probably NOT up your street if you:

  • Crave a structured training scheme
  • Need to be told what to work on every day
  • Like the idea of working at a big corporation
  • Want to work somewhere where every day is the same 9-to-5
  • Have a fear of flying

Salary range £30,000 — 80,000

Dependent on experience, equivalent in USD