Who are we...

https://maximumpop.co.uk is one of the UK's largest editorial websites for Gen Z visited by over 1,000,000 different 14-19 year olds each month. We grew fivefold in 2016. And you'll help us do better in 2017.

As well as our industry-leading website, we constantly build and explore new products for the same audience including:

Who we're looking for...

We're looking for a part-time, work from anywhere, goals and data-driven marketer with a proven track record, to oversee the acquisition of new users to our products from all sources: paid and organic search, paid and organic social, referral, direct, bots, email and browser notifications

The tasks

The role will be goal-focussed and involve overseeing user acquisition at the highest level, including:

  • Reporting and implementation
    • Reporting into Geckoboard from GA to ensure company visibility of core metrics
    • Digging deeper and using insights to inform user acquisition strategy
    • Ensuring technical implementation of analytics is functioning correctly
    • Advising on new reporting products and tools to review and implement
    • Setup of Goals, Views and UTM codes in Google Analytics or with referral sources
  • Planning and projections
    • Exploring and modelling user acquisition over the next 6 months and 12 months
    • Creating costings based on campaign and resource cost
    • Ensuring the agreed plans are constantly refined, but ultimately delivered
    • Understanding and modelling the relationship between users and revenue
  • Experimenting and introduction into workflow
    • Create ideas for new cost-effective ways to acquire new users
    • Each acquisition path's performance is informed by different variables
    • You will create and deliver frequent, rapid, data-driven experiments to assess their ability to positively impact these variables, for example:
      • Changing language of mailer to increase CTR
      • A/B testing of images in Twitter advertising
      • Exploring different approaches to paid influencer advertising
    • You will define success, then define and delegate or personally implement the experiment, report, and then decide how to apply the learnings to your own and the team's workflow ongoing
  • Paid
    • Manage, report and refine paid campaigns with a focus on Facebook paid

About you

  • Hands on
  • Methodical and with good attention-to-detail but able to work in a extremely fast-paced team
  • Have a good understanding of user acquisition in the context of online publishing / content or be willing to learn very quickly
  • A Google Analytics geek
  • Love numbers, data driven and analytical
  • Thrive with autonomy and able to self manage
  • A creative and scientific view on things
  • A track record of delivering results for similar companies and audiences

You get

  • To work from anywhere you fancy, like the rest of our team, some of who are nomadic but definitely don't blog about it
  • To hit the ground running. Our house is in order and we're seeing some great results in user acquisition right now. You'll be building on the work that delivered our amazing growth in 2016 
  • A goals-driven, not-hours driven role, with a massive focus on working better not longer, and sorting your own shit
  • Almost complete autonomy in terms of your work process and hours, seriously
  • Budgets to experiment with, and a positive culture of trying new things and seeing what happens
  • The ability to explore and have ownership of all areas of acquisition
  • To be part of a small, profitable, agile company that is growing at a fast pace

Next steps

Apply through this website before Wednesday 19/04.

Share your CV or relevant notes in the form, but please ensure the work is framed by performance ie we're much more excited to see the outcomes and goals you delivered and the techniques used, than the tasks you undertook.

Salary range £25,000 — 40,000

prorated - role is part time