About Us

Combo is a digital product studio, specialising in building MVPs and first versions of products for early stage tech companies. We are a young team of 3, with backgrounds working for and founding our own startups. We’re looking to build a diverse team of passionate people that will be responsible for working on client projects as well as own IP work within the studio.

We’re extremely passionate about making products and love to meet early stage companies looking to turn their visions into a reality. We work closely with founders to offer our services as a temporary product team to get their ideas off the ground. We’re not in the business of simply answering briefs, our experience has led us to working with founders to figure out the best possible way to bring their product to market, by helping to validate their assumptions, distill and test ideas. We like to think of ourselves more like a product accelerator than an agency... 

We’re based in the Tea Building, Shoreditch, as part of the ustwo (Monument Valley, Dice, Moodnotes) studio. We’re part of a small, insanely passionate community of startups currently working from a dedicated floor of the building, under the guidance of the ustwo 'fampany', with access to a huge amount of shared knowledge and awesomeness. As a product studio, it’s hard to imagine a better place to be hanging out!

Stuff you should be:

A Designer - sketchin', prototypin' and UXing all over the place. Good visual design skills, understanding of app/web practises and ideally experience working closely with devs (or development skills yourself would be sweet as) 

Motivated - this shit is exciting, we're making people's visions come true, launching products to thousands of people and working from the best product studio in London, if that doesn't excite you, we're probably not the one. 

A Learner - it's pretty much impossible not to be self taught to some degree in this field. Whether it's keeping up to date with the latest prototyping tools, languages or design trends, you need to be eager to learn on the job. 

You'll be responsible for creating lovely user flows, wireframes, visual design, prototypes and working with developers to implement your designs. You should be able to communicate well with the rest of the team and clients why you've made these decisions and why it's the best option.