Company description 
EQUITY X® is a FinTech start-up developing equity valuation software for financial reporting which enables CFOs, finance directors, treasurers and controllers to convert financial statements to equity valuation reports whose quality is the same as or higher than handmade ones in under 20 mins/report at a fraction of costs with lower operational risks. EQUITY X® won the first prize at Startup Grind Europe 2017. As a result, EQUITY X® raised from high net worth individuals, executed an agreement with S&P Global to feed data automatically and globally in 2018, launched the high-quality product in 2019 and is getting traction. EQUITY X® is looking for a web designer. EQUITY X® would be a right place if you would like to develop cutting-edge technologies to change the financial services across the world. 

London (Level39, Canary Wharf)

Job description
You will be responsible for implementing designs into the software and website by HTML, CSS, JavaScript and React.

Specific duties
o Reviewing documentation;
o Reviewing, analysing and monitoring the software application;
o Developing responsive UI components;
o Developing user-facing features using React;
o Building reusable components and front-end libraries for future use;
o Translating designs into high quality codes;
o Digital retouching and image editing;
o Testing and improving the design of the website; o Incorporating functionalities and features into software and websites;
o Creating user interface which is user-friendly, effective and appealing;
o Working with a product designer to ensure quality of design is met when interpreted into CSS;
o Liaising with back-end developer to ensure components are easily integrated into the build;
o Helping assemble the web-app based on design mock-ups;
o Ensuring all components are responsive and reliable;
o Carrying out stress testing, performance testing, functional testing and scalability testing;
o Creating logs to document testing phases and defects;
o Creating back up files;
o Ensuring that production process runs smoothly;
o Troubleshooting and debugging;
o Reporting bugs and errors for correction and presenting key findings.

Key requirements
o 3+ years of experience in web design or front-end development
o Team player
o Front-end development: excellent knowledge of JavaScript and React
o Excellent knowledge of HTML5 and CSS for styling work
o Excellent visual design skills
o Computer Science degree or related

Salary range £24,000 — 60,000

3+ years of experience in web design / front-end development