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Web Designer for One-page Website (Freelance)

Company Description

  • Doreming is an award-winning HRtech & Fintech startup, developing a groundbreaking HR platform as a solution for financial inclusion of unbanked & underbanked workers around the globe.
  • We provides the only end-to-end solution for simplifying & reducing the cost of HR management for labour-intensive SMEs & payroll professionals, through which underserved workers can access to various financial wellbeing solutions.
  • We operate globally: headquartered in Singapore, with four regional offices (London, Tokyo, Dammam, San Francisco) & two development centres (Fukuoka, Bangalore), working with various business partners and governments. Service launched in Japan & Vietnam.
  • Now, we are entering the UK market. Our London office, based in Level39, the largest FinTech accelerator space in Europe, is looking for aspiring talent to accelerate our business here.

Job Descriptions

  • We are looking for a talented web designer to create our official UK website in a one-page format, using Squarespace, and help us shape the contents to attract customers and obtain quality leads from the company website.
  • We need a custom layout to be designed from scratch, as well as the creation of info graphics and imagery to support the website branding and overall experience
  • The ideal candidate should have extensive experience in responsive website design and the ability to define the architecture of information of the website. It will be a major advantage if the candidate has experience in HTML, CSS and any popular content management system.

Specific Duties

  • Drawing up detailed website specifications;
  • Defining and designing the information architecture;
  • Synthesising website goals and designing content layouts;
  • Suggesting ideal contents which are suitable for B-to-B business and helping us to prepare for them;
  • Creating website layouts and organising information for easy consumption;
  • Taking the lead on the user experience of the website;
  • Conceptualizing original web design ideas that bring simplicity and user-friendliness to complex subject matter, and optimizing landing pages;
  • Reusing branding materials as well as product look;
  • Creating mockups, prototypes and user flows;
  • Mocking up page layouts to validate text size, colours and layouts;
  • Digital retouching and image editing;
  • Designing the website's visual imagery and ensuring it is in line with branding policies;
  • Designing infographics to support information and ideas on the website;
  • Designing a fully responsive website solution and ensure legibility and quality is carried across all viewports;
  • Meeting relevant legal requirements such as accessibility standards, freedom of information and privacy;
  • Working closely with the team to help shape the user interface interactions;
  • Working closely with the team to convert design into functional and creative CSS;
  • Testing the website and identify any technical problems; and
  • Handing the completed website design and its digital assets to us.

Key Requirements

  • 3+ years of experience in web design
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, Squarespace
  • Experience designing the company website for B-to-B start-ups (HRtech preferably)

Nice To Have

  • Front-end web development experience (writing HTML, CSS and JavaScript)
  • Experience with content management systems
  • Search engine optimisation experience
  • Proven track record of web design with great conversion rates


  • One month contract (mid-February to mid-March)
  • Physical presence is not required, but need to travel to our office time to time, in which case we cover travel/meal costs additionally
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