Hello, this is Ben Lattimore from Lattimore and Friends and we are looking for first mid-level/experienced WordPress developer to join our team.

I was a freelance WordPress developer for 5 years and have been in charge of technical delivery and training our junior web developers whilst also trying to manage a growing web development agency.

For the sake of my sanity, our clients and our amazing junior web development team, we now need a dedicated WordPress expert to take on all aspects of technical delivery.

So, who are you?

You’ll be friendly, with a keen eye for design and 3+ years of WordPress development experience.

You’ll be confident to smash out standard WordPress themes and have experienced with hooks and actions. You will have explored Gutenberg a bit and know how to set-up blocks with ACF.

You’ll be able to use your knowledge and experience to train and develop our team of 3 junior developers - this is a role where you will code less and train more.

You won’t necessarily have a deep computer science background - we’re a team of “second jobbers” who tried something else first (at time of printing we have a former graphic designer, pawn broker, songwriter and pharmacist).

You will believe in on-going learning and have a vision for the next stage in your career - whether that is learning other languages or moving into management (or something else entirely). Internally we are super excited about Gutenberg and the use of WP API and front-end frameworks like React.

So, who are we?

We primarily work with some of London’s most exciting creative, branding and communications agencies, providing them with the best possible WordPress experience (amongst other languages).

That said, we are starting to win our first direct-to-client projects and looking ahead to 2020 we’re excited to go after and win even more work like this.

We focus our junior web developer roles on women and people of colour - we can offer a unique first step into tech and want to use that to make a difference. And it seems to be working - our first junior web developer has just been snapped up by another agency.

So, what will you do?

There are three parts to this role - the coding, the training and process-building:

1.) Code yourself

You will bring your WordPress development experience to bear to crack thorny problems - and offer advice on additional functionality we can offer our clients.

As we have grown our work has changed too - we still have loads of simple bespoke WordPress builds but more involve some kind of API integration, Gutenberg set-up, advanced Shopify integration and more.

2.) Training Others

We have a team of talented and motivated junior web developers - by the time you arrive they will have a solid grounding in HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery, as well as being able to tackle simple bespoke WordPress builds.

We need you to take on their ongoing development, supported by the resources of the agency and the agency founder. We will happily fund training courses, off- and on-site training opportunities and anything else required.

Day-to-day you will be the first port of call for the junior team when they hit problems they can’t immediately solve via StackOverflow (don’t worry, they are a very proactive bunch and won’t bother you needlessly). You will also help them in architecting their solutions, encouraging them to think through problems instead of just jumping in.

3.) Building and leading our delivery process

Our processes are patchy at best but you will join an agency that does value process. You will have plenty of scope and support (financially and managerially) to institute modern technical processes.

So, what do you need?

We need three things from you:

1.) Your coding ability

  • Deep experience in bespoke WordPress development including developing bespoke themes, utilising hooks and actions as well as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript

  • Experience with Gutenberg, even if only via ACF blocks

  • An awareness of other languages and the opportunities and challenges with these

  • An ability to break down and teach your knowledge and experience, primarily to our junior web development team and also to explain issues to our project managers

2.) An eye for design

  • The biggest complaint agencies have is that websites, once developed, rarely look like the original design. This is a nuisance at best and a business-threatening problem at worst. We’re proud that our most common feedback is how accurate we are to designs and how we work hard to work with designers - and offer them thoughts on how to get the most from their designs.

  • You need to value and understand great design, even if you couldn’t design it yourself - taste is what we are after!

3.) Be a people person

  • Developers have a reputation for being anti-social and a bit unfriendly. We aim to build strong relationships, even friendships, with our clients.

  • Do people call you charming? Funny, witty? Great to have around? If so, you’ll be a great fit. It’s so much easier to train a chatty, friendly person how to code than to try and make an ornery developer into a pleasure to be around.

So, what do you get?

  • Competitive salary

  • A MacBook Pro

  • A great place to work in our own (shabby chic) studio, in between Whitechapel and Shadwell

As can be expected, personal development is hugely important to us - especially as the founder was a self-taught developer - so you will be given the following:

  • A paid subscription to Treehouse, the brilliant learning platform, or any other service requested

  • The time and support to work on personal web development projects to help you maximise your learning.

So, what do you need to do now?

We’ll be holding interviews on a rolling basis until we find the right person.

In you application, do send over:

  • An example of a website with great design, and explain why

  • Any examples of projects you can share

  • CV

  • Cover letter