Content Strategist at Flair (with a focus on content relating to anti-racism)

About Flair

Flair is a Black-owned people analytics company, on a mission to create a world where all ethnicities can thrive. We help organisations lead the way in building truly anti-racist cultures.

Through our anonymous survey, dashboard and recommendations platform, we shine a light on where racial issues exist within an organisation’s culture and give guidance on how to address these issues.

Since launching in September 2020, Flair has grown rapidly. We’re now working with over 50 clients, including several of the UK’s leading schools and major brands like Network Rail.

We’re hiring a Content Strategist (Permanent, Full-Time)

Flair is an impact-driven company with huge ambitions. We are looking for a Content Strategist, whose focus will be on creating content relating to anti-racism.

Perhaps you actively post about anti-racism on social media, or have a background working on anti-racism initiatives in the workplace. Or perhaps you did research on racism as part of your degree, or are a trained anti-racism facilitator. Whatever your background, if you are knowledgeable about anti-racism and enjoy creating engaging content, this may be the right role for you.

You’ll be heavily involved in Flair’s marketing, creating thought-provoking, educational content across a range of digital platforms, with a specific focus on the field of anti-racism. You’ll also play a key role in Flair’s product, creating materials to guide clients on how to foster anti-racist cultures.

This is a remote role. However, as you may be required to occasionally meet the rest of the Flair team in person, you should be based in the UK (within a commutable distance to London).

Why Us

· We’re a fast-growing company with ambitions to create a world where all ethnicities can thrive – your work will have a significant social impact.

· You’ll be part of a company where you can bring your whole self to work. One of our most important company values is “be yourself”.

· As an early employee at Flair, you’ll be able to have a huge influence on the company’s direction.

· We’re a small team, with limited bureaucracy, so you’ll be making a big impact from day one. As we grow the team, you’ll be able to gain leadership experience.

Key Responsibilities

· Plan and produce a programme of engaging anti-racism content, to be used across all of our digital channels.

· Create various content types (e.g. videos, articles, podcasts, webinars, e-books, social media posts, newsletters, events).

· Produce recommendation materials for clients, guiding them on how to foster anti-racist cultures.

· Work alongside industry partners to co-create content and events.

· Target content to specific audiences and adapt content based on trending news.

· Interview relevant industry partners and convert these conversations into engaging content.

Your Ideal Experience & Knowledge

· Knowledge about the field of anti-racism (e.g. you may have done research on racism as part of your degree or be a trained anti-racism facilitator).

· Experience running your own content strategy, from ideation through to execution.

· Comfortable filming yourself on video.

· A track record of producing high quality written and video content at a fast pace.

· Experience in coming up with solutions to foster anti-racist internal cultures.

· Familiarity with HR and D&I teams.

· Experience managing relationships with external stakeholders (e.g. industry partners).

· Experience working remotely and using remote-working tools (e.g. Zoom and Slack).

Your Ideal Skillset

· Excellent strategic planning and time management skills.

· Confidence to try new approaches.

· A self-starter with the ability to plan and execute content ideas from start to finish, with little guidance.

· Digital event planning skills (e.g. webinars).

· Teamwork skills with a problem-solving attitude.

· Excellent attention to detail.

· Strong written communication skills.

· Strong relationship management skills.

· A resilient mindset, with the ability to respond well to setbacks.


· £25k-£35k (dependent on experience levels).

· We understand that this role may be suitable for candidates with a range of experience levels. Our priority is finding the right person, rather than fitting a budget.

Salary range £25,000 — 35,000

Dependent on experience