Audience Development Manager


media seo journalism London, UK | Full-Time

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London, UK

We’re building Parli — an encyclopaedia of opinions.

On the premise that there is a finite number of arguments around any given topic, we want to map them all, definitively.

Q&A is a mess on the internet, and Quora (10yrs old) hasn’t tidied it up.

We’re not a debate site: we hope to build an internet-scale media platform and a foundation block for civil discourse.

Here’s a very short note about why.

Parli is currently:

  • Turi : repeat media entrepreneur and investor, who will CEO.
  • J Paul : design lecturer and entrepreneur who will lead product.

We’re looking for the third leg of our stool: somebody amazing who will drive distribution and engagement.

You will own everything to do with audience — responsible for getting Parli out to as many people in as many different demographics as possible.

You will

  • build our content strategy
  • manage SEO/Social/Newsletters/Podcasts etc
  • own our metrics
  • build our community approach
  • consider partnerships
  • and lead any advertising we might do.

We’re a small team… you'll have strategic input on everything else too ;-)

You can be at any stage in your career, and we’ll look to support and compensate accordingly.

We want someone who is deeply aligned with our objectives, data obsessed, tech smart, energetic, systematic, and inventive to the point of rule-breaky.

Ideally you will also be hyper literate, media-obsessed, an abstract thinker, love detail, understand ops, be strong and be kind.

Startups are cults: more than anything else, we need you to be a believer in what we’re trying to achieve. By all means hate what we currently do, but love where we’re trying to go.

Values? We want to do good by building big, and we will always try to put long term ethics over short-term profits. We privilege diversity.


Salary range £30,000 — 40,000