Back-end developer (full-time)

Company description
EQUITY-X® is a financial technology company offering simple one-page equity valuation reports and data as actionable insights automatically generated by our proprietary software to traders on online trading applications for value investing. EQUITY-X® is a small and focused team who aims to help millions of traders find investment opportunities across the world at a glance and gain benefit of global economic growth. EQUITY-X® was established in 2015, developed the prototype, got patents granted, won the first prize at Startup Grind Europe 2017 powered by Google, launched Software as a Service in 2019, signed license agreements with enterprise clients as well as the master data agreement with S&P Global.

Canary Wharf, London

Specific duties
o Developing, maintaining and advancing equity valuation software;
o Building high-quality reusable codes and libraries for future use;
o Writing and managing any software related documentation;
o Delivering real-time and daily data in PDF, CSV and JSON formats to customers;
o Integrating Stripe and GoCardless into software applications;
o Designing and building databases;
o Storing and maintaining data on MongoDB;
o Deploying software applications to AWS cloud platform;
o Collaborating with third parties to integrate APIs (e.g., SendGrid);
o Connecting the React JS application to the backend using REST API calls;
o Using stakeholders’ feedback to inform necessary improvements and adjustments;
o Saving and maintaining source codes in Bitbucket;
o Building automated testing features;
o Writing tests to verify calculation results on financial data;
o Supervising infrastructure to ensure functionality and efficiency;
o Building quality assurance and implementing security and data protection;
o Overseeing the Company’s data, security, maintenance and network;
o Troubleshooting and debugging;
o Carrying out stress testing, performance testing, functional testing and scalability testing;
o Creating logs to document testing phases and defects;
o Ensuring that production process runs smoothly;
o Ensuring deadlines are met in line with time scopes;
o Ensuring the product or any other technological related work meet regulations;
o Reporting bugs and errors for correction and presenting key findings; and
o Reporting directly to Chief Executive Officer on status of product development, operation, quality, resource usage and system performance on a daily basis.

Key requirements
o 3+ years of experience in back-end development;
o Team player;
o Attention to detail;
o Comfortable to solve challenging problems;
o Excellent knowledge of JavaScript and NodeJS 12;
o Knowledge of PHP 7/8 and Python 3;
o Knowledge of Express JS, Redux, Mongoose, asynchronous/Promises and Axios;
o Knowledge of Passport Authentication;
o Knowledge of REST API;
o Knowledge of Google Chromium/Puppeteer;
o Ability to pick up new frameworks and integrate;
o Ability to debug problems;
o Ability to build and deploy services on AWS;
o Understanding of the differences between running an application on a laptop and doing so in an AWS EC2 docker environment;
o Experience in deploying docker based applications to the cloud;
o Solid web fundamentals (HTTP, Cache, Security, Cookies, etc); and
o Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related.

o Annual cash salary: £42,000.00 - £66,000.00; and
o Annual stock option bonus.

Salary range £42,000 — 66,000