At Marshmallow, our developers push the boundaries of what is possible in a financial services company by having the freedom to work on a mainly greenfield project.

The primary responsibility of this role is to work build out scalable and efficient backend services to support a company that is going to experience significant growth.

But it also involves driving roadmaps, inputting on business strategy, getting to know customers, making actionable and autonomous decisions - and having real responsibility.

We don't believe in the top of the funnel making all the decisions - corporates do that, and if there's one thing we're not it's corporate. Instead, we are building a company of the future where everyone is a decision maker. There is no micro-management, but you will be part of a team where everyone is exceptional, smart and collaborative - so you can expect a lot of support!!

What tech skills do you need? 

MVC Framework
Java and Spring Boot preferred
Experience working with SQL databases, writing custom queries and designing schemas
Understanding of test-driven development (TDD), and the desire to write tests
Interest in Protobuff, DynamoDB, AWS, Jenkins.

What mindset do you need? 

Passionate about technology, product and user experience
Ability to work independently and plan your own solutions to problems
You champion a customer-centric approach
A Passion to learn.

The benefits of joining Marshmallow 

Equity in a well-funded startup
Opportunity for real growth in the role
Competitive salary
Close-knit team
The chance to disrupt a $4 trillion industry.

Salary range £48,000 — 58,000

Equity between 0.2%-0.4%