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CTO / Developer

Executive Science

London | Part-Time

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We are two brands but with one vision, to improve the emotional and physical wellbeing of people, helping them be their best every day. With some studies reporting that two-thirds of people suffer from low self-confidence, the same proportion overweight and anywhere between 20-36% of people suffering with a mental health problem over the next 12 months the scale of the problem is huge.


Our B2B brand, Executive Science, looks to improve the productivity of businesses through improving the wellbeing of their employees. Whereas our B2C brand, Fulfilment Science, helps people understand themselves completely and provides structured developmental support that they need to thrive.

To support this, we believe we have built the most sophisticated whole person assessment available, based on sound science and cutting-edge psychological literature.


Our team of 11 bootstrapping Psychologists, Coaches, Neuroscientists, Clinical Psychologists and Psychotherapists, Operatons, Creatives and a Commercial profile.


We have a clear vision, but need to map this into a clear phased and costed technical delivery plan. The team are non technical (though many are analytical), this makes your people management skills essential. We are working to an equity sweat system until we secure investment. The person will:

  • We need someone who understands data risk and analytics.
  • Preferably some HR or People Analytics experience
  • The work will be an initial web build, though later we will then be developing both an Android and IOS apps

Our business will be open to those who are looking for that first CTO 'bridging' role or a more experienced start up CTO.