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Who we are

Wine is the UK's most popular alcoholic drink – and yet knowledge is held by the 0.5%. Perceptions of elitism and snobbery are rife. When you do decide you want to get into wine, there's just so much to take in. And when you splash out, good wine is so often hit and miss.

We are here to end that.

Wine List is on a mission to empower wine lovers with thirst and knowledge. We help you learn in a simple, incremental and non-pretentious way. And we provide you access to interesting wines you won't ever find in the supermarket to discover while you learn.

Who you are

Equal opportunities employer We are committed to providing equal opportunities, regardless of race, religion, beliefs, ethnic origin, disabilities, gender identity, sexual orientation, class, or any other basis.

We are looking for someone to join a small but growing wine team. You'll be friendly, confident in talking to people, and have a desire to help solve people's problems.

Customer Support can make or break a customer's experience with a company, so we want someone to come in and own that relationship.

This is a junior role, and we're looking for someone to come in and set the precedent and build future standards for how we talk to customers.

You'll be the advocates for customers in this role – feeding back to the growth, product, and operations teams on where customers experience problems the most. The position also allows for gaining experience across other business functions.

What we're looking for in you

  • [ ] Passionate about solving people's problems
  • [ ] Ability to thrive in a busy and fast-changing envrionment
  • [ ] Driven and self-motivated
  • [ ] Interest in the wine world is a plus, but no experience in wine is necessary
  • [ ] Kind, patient, and welcoming to people regardless of their tone they present

What you'll get in return

  • Competitive salary plus generous stock options – depending on experience
  • 28 days holiday per year
  • Wine perks: access to tastings, education, and winemaker days where we learn to make wine
  • Office in Peckham, South London
  • Be part of the founding team – you could be employee number three in a fast-growing wine company.

How to apply

Head to https://www.notion.so/thewinelist/Customer-Support-4d53ac2afa774e05860acb4f74b2c43c

Complete the application form. To apply, you need to provide your CV or LinkedIn, three bulletpoints (no more than 250 words) on why you're right for the role, and one reason why you want the job.