• Increase awareness and adoption of deBridge’s technology by working directly with our developer community to lower the barriers of adoption, help with technical questions, and bring insights back to the team to advance the technology and overall experience
  • Bring awareness and increase the number of successful developers and projects integrating with and/or building on top of our protocol
  • Work with the network of validators
  • Building out the ecosystem and scaling our developer outreach efforts by educating our community on how deBridge can empower cross-chain interoperability for other protocols
  • Create and improve the resources and documentation to enhance the resource offerings via deBridge’s website, Github and other platforms
  • Hear to projects’ needs and suggest the best solutions for their specific challenges.
  • Support and maintain our developer community. Be an active member to improve the overall support in various channels like Discord, Telegram, and more
  • Represent deBridge at conferences and events by giving presentations, live demos of deBridge, and communicating with the attendees
Ideal candidate
  • [ ] At least 2 years in the software industry working as a developer, advocate, or evangelist
  • [ ] Passion for the blockchain ecosystem
  • [ ] Knowledge of Web3 and Solidity is mandatory
  • [ ] Strong engineering skills in web and/or mobile
  • [ ] Passion for inspiring and educating fellow developers
  • [ ] Eager to work in a startup environment
  • [ ] Social and fast-moving; an ambition to meet and communicate with people
  • [ ] Good attention to detail and a high level of independence
  • [ ] Understanding of the blockchain and open-source ecosystem
  • [ ] Passion for building a developer community
  • [ ] Good understanding of the DeFi ecosystem and decentralized protocols
Why join us

  • Be one of the first employees in an exciting and growing project where we’re solving real problems in the existing DeFi and NFT ecosystem
  • Autonomy and ownership
  • Build up your experience and reputation within the blockchain space
  • Being able to influence the direction of the company
  • Being able to shape and lead how deBridge works with projects, validators, developers, and others