Own content, social and search to create buzz around a brand new educational platform, leveraging an existing community of loyal users.

ABOUT US – Pobble (formerly LendMeYourLiteracy) shares children's writing with a worldwide community. This makes a real difference to children’s performance in the classroom by making writing exciting and inspiring. Our community comprises 30k young published authors, 25k adult users (of whom 10k teachers) and 15k Twitter followers. And we’re just getting started…

OPPORTUNITY – Our current website has proven the ultimate MVP, and now we’re going to get this right from a technical, UX and growth perspective. We raised VC funding for this next phase. As we speak, a team of amazing devs is working to launch a brand new platform in September. We want you to support that with world-class content, social, and search marketing.

  • Drive a strategic agenda: use our online presence to give Pobble a personality
  • Deliver milestones: set, measure and deliver revenue and audience targets
  • Give Pobble its voice: design+execute campaigns, drive content marketing
  • Leverage others' media: lead the charge with social influencers and agencies

ABOUT YOU – We’re hoping to hear from you if you have 3 or more years of relevant experience. Here are some things that are important to us, and we hope also to you:

  • Education, education, education (we’ll be talking about it… a lot)
  • Big picture thinking (keep a birds-eye view, don’t lose sight of crucial details)
  • Creative ownership (dive into Photoshop, be a wizard with words)
  • Data and metrics (they are our guiding lights)
  • Ability to drive projects (take all responsibility you can handle, and a bit)
  • Willingness to try stuff (if it doesn’t work, fine, learn from it and try again)
  • Great team atmosphere (we’re mission oriented, and having fun)

Salary range £35,000 — 45,000

Plus equity. Dependent on experience.