Entrepreneurial Mobile Developer / Co - Founder


London, UK | Voluntary

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The Covid-19 Pandemic has changed the world in many ways. 2020 showed us how interconnected yet disorganised the world and all of its moving parts are.

What if we could access the world… A digital version of it? What if we could organise and make sense of it and make it interactive for the world to use in different ways? What if we could create a sort of digital singularity?

Georical is a location based platform (social network) that lets you access the world around you and at large via the ‘Centerlink’. Tap into the live local and global collective consciousness and contribute to it yourself. I am looking for an experienced mobile developer to join me in London as a Co-founder on an equity basis initially, working together on an ambitious venture.

Join me and let’s build a platform which aims to reinvent the essence of the web by extending it, organising the world, and letting anybody access it in different ways whereby Georical is a more people centric based web organised around a literal digital version of the real world which can be accessed and interacted with in multiple different ways.

For the average user it will act as an interconnected personal life companion and as a window in the real world. But at large, Georical is an idea that aims to serve the world in different ways by being a unifying platform for various people, businesses/startups, governments, enterprises, news, media, information, content, IoT brands, products, services, tools, other platforms, the web and everything in between.

You would help drive further development of the iOS app and spear head future developments of the android app.

If you’re inspired by the infinite possibilities of this concept and are interested in finding out more then drop me a line (My name is Yan) and let’s connect!

About Georical

The mission: To organise the world, make it accessible and interactive.

The Vision: The big idea behind Georical is to let you access the world like the World Wide Web lets you access the internet and to essentially become an extension of the wider web; a world without barriers and a web of connections. A digital version of the real world.