Adarga - Helping Customers In The Defence & Security Sector

🚀 Are you a Back End Engineer who enjoys working in a flexible, Agile environment where you’re at the core of building mission critical advanced AI software that transforms the way our customers use data? 👨🏾‍💻

➡️ Are you highly motivated, disciplined and ready to roll your sleeves up? We're still TECHnically a start-up after all! 🙋🏻

Are you open to an occasional supermarket run for biscuits? We’re a fan of hobnobs. To quote Peter Kay - They’re a biscuit for dippin’ 🍪 ☕️

I should probably tell you what we're doing now that all the important stuff is out of the way... queue drum roll...

Enterprise SaaS products that enable customers to analyse vast amounts of unstructured data faster, more accurately and more (cost) effectively.


The problem - Too much unstructured data!

  • Defence, security and intelligence agencies analyse billions of data points a day to identify threats and proactively guard against them.
  • Unstructured data, in the form of emails, documents, social media, web content, images and video is growing rapidly and represents a signifiant source of opportunity for all organisations.
  • However, the process of generating actionable intelligence from unstructured data is time consuming and inefficient for human analysts.

The solution - identifying the needle in the haystack!

  • Adarga uses AI to read and understand all of our customers' unstructured data, turning it into discoverable and actionable insights.
  • With Adarga's powerful artificial intelligence, organisations become more efficient and effective at analysing large volumes of data.
  • Responses to all types of threats can be made with greater speed, accuracy and reliability.

Okay back to the boring stuff.. here’s what you actually have to do for us…

We’re looking for a Front End Engineer to join one of our cross-functional product delivery teams, helping our users gain a deep understanding of their data through our analytics product.

You’ll spend most of your time building and shipping features in Adarga Bench, but you’ll also help our product teams understand what is possible and when. You’ll work in a Scrum team with your colleagues from other specialisms (AI and natural language processing, security, backend engineering, UX and infrastructure) to design, deliver and operate features from inception to production.We’re using a modern stack of JavaScript and Typescript, React and PostCSS, with CSS3 and ES6.

You’ll be building against APIs provided by our Adarga Engine API platform and will get the opportunity to shape those APIs for our customers, as we aim to dogfood our own products.You’ll be creating and reviewing design documents as well as code, and - alongside your team - take ownership of the products you ship into production.As we expand, we’ll continue to build the team and you’ll be expected to mentor more junior members of staff.

We’ll work with you to understand what training and support needs you have, and provide budget to attend conferences. You’ll work with a supportive manager who is committed to helping you do your best work.You’ll also participate in quarterly hackathons, where we take a break from the sprint rhythm, take some of those blue sky ideas, and make them happen.Adarga is one of the few companies in the UK making Artificial Intelligence work on the ground, today, in real products. Join us.


Technically, you’ll need to be comfortable with a modern web stack and be able to demonstrate experience working on single page applications talking to REST APIs. While you’re definitely a front end engineer, you’ll have an appreciation for API design and the kinds of tasks that backends perform.

You will have worked in a team environment using an agile process (we use Scrum), and be comfortable with standard development tools and techniques (such as git source control, working in with CI, and so on.)

You’ll be able to talk about times when you’ve had to work to understand a user’s real needs and worked with colleagues to translate that into code.

You’ll have the right to work in the UK, and will have strong English language communication skills.

Salary range £50,000 — 85,000

Dependant on experience, looking at various levels.