At, our vision is to empower every sales team to improve the quality of their outreach sales messaging through perspective and guidance presented by our AI-powered software.

We're a VC-backed startup based in London and Salzburg working with B2B sales teams across Europe and North America.

This position is a great opportunity to help bring the skill of a copywriter, and the insight of a data scientist through our browser extension and web applications.

You’ll also gain a unique perspective of a startup in its early stages and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the business.

Our Technology Stack

Over the past few months, we’ve developed a Chrome extension that enhances the writing experience in Gmail along with an authentication and onboarding web app. We’re currently developing an additional application that is the foundation of a new set of features we’re building in partnership with some of our early customers. Everything on the front end has been written in Typescript and React using the Tailwind CSS library.

On the backend we’re using Go, Python and GRPC to build highly performant machine-learning powered microservices running on Kubernetes and Amazon Web Services.

We care deeply about the end-user experience; we’re using technologies such as protocol buffers to reduce payload sizes between the frontend and backend and we’re keen to experiment with websockets and WebAssembly to further reduce latency and increase responsiveness.

You and the role

Frontend developers are in the enviable position to sculpt that engaging and performant experience we provide our customers. Those subtle animations and interactions take time to get right - we understand that and we want you to be as obsessed over the details as we are.

This is a new role, taking over from the foundation our CTO Alex has built.

You’ll have a lot of freedom to make use of your experience and talent to evaluate and introduce the best web technologies and practices meeting the needs of our end-users and the business.

You will support your work with tests, and we’ll help you create a continuous integration and deployment workflow to support you and the wider product team. You’ll also help us design experiments to help us make data-driven decisions.

Desired experience:

  • Extensive experience writing type-safe code using Typescript or tooling such as Flow

  • Implementation of a state management library such as Redux, MobX or Apollo Link State

  • Experience consuming APIs and working with the backend team on their design

  • Production experience building highly interactive web applications with Vue or React

  • Writing robust unit and end-to-end automated tests

  • A solid understanding of HTML, CSS3, SASS/LESS/CSS Modules or CSS in JS

  • Delivery optimisation using tools such as content delivery networks, minifiers and service workers

  • Experience in W3C AA guidelines and using WAI-ARIA tags

Bonus experience:

  • Building continuous integration and deployment pipelines

  • Experience working with websockets and network-event driven applications

  • Using protocol buffers for serialising data to be sent over the network

  • An understanding of web assembly or how it can be integrated into a web application

  • Runtime performance tuning using browser profiling tools


You'll receive a competitive salary based on your skills and experience, but most importantly, you will also get to own part of the business. Mesg has a share options scheme that is open to all employees. We'll tell you all about it as part of the interview process.

We also have a budget for employee training, and we’ll support you to attend conferences and meetups.

Salary range £50,000 — 65,000

Plus equity