We are looking for an experienced full-stack engineer to be our lead developer and help us build Utter from the ground up. Someone who is first and foremost passionate about coding but also truly motivated by our mission to provide an antidote to social media and help anyone feeling isolated.


Our vision is to build the first online voice-sharing community providing peer support for every type of person, for every type of challenge, for every stage in life.

This means we have to be pioneers with how we think about the user experience and design of our app, how we build and develop our voice features, tools and integrations and how we create a world class technology architecture behind it so that we can scale fast.

We have a fantastic group of investors, 2 years of user research and learnings behind us, and an amazing team.


Engineering is a core function at Utter, sitting side by side with product. We promote deep collaboration between disciplines in order to tackle the complex, behavioural problems we are trying to solve

Our lead engineer will help us:

  • Design, develop and maintain our app, backend services and infrastructure

  • Attract the best talent by always choosing the best technology for the problems we're solving

  • Respect the vulnerabilities of our users by building code that supports data privacy, continuous integration and deployment, self-healing servers and secure-by-design systems

  • Champion good testing practice and keep hold of the team's excellence as we grow

  • Help us grow the team with your knowledge of how to make great hires and helping others learn

  • Foster a respectful but challenging environment centered around a passion for software engineering and a curiosity that drives you and your team to dig deep into problem and their solutions


We're not dogmatic about our technical choices, and try to use the best tools we can for the constraints of the problem we're trying to solve. At the moment, we have:

  • A RESTful API backend based on Rails 5 hosted on Heroku / AWS, storing data in S3 and PostgreSQL.
  • Front-end clients built in React and React Native

Whether you have experience in some or all of the above, we care most about your experience in building consumer applications, your hunger to code, and your determination in bringing an awesome product to market!


  • Have a strong influence - you'll be our lead engineering hire, we want your personality and vision to shape our technology, culture and direction
  • Positive human impact - know that your work has the potential to significantly help thousands and thousands of people
  • Truly user-centered tech - you’ll be creating unique tech to help solve sensitive and complex human problems. Rapid testing with real users is a vital part of how we want to work. We’re not trying to sell gadgets or games. You’ll be able to show that your tech really serves the user


  • Reward - competitive salary / equity package

  • Kit - choose your equipment

  • Team - regular events

  • Your well-being - time and space for meditation, gym, nutrition and a subscription to the health app of your choice

If you care passionately about using tech for human good, and thrive on doing things that haven’t been done before, we’d love to meet you.

Please apply before 31st Aug, 2018

Salary range £70,000 — 80,000