What we're working on

NUM is a DNS-based protocol to store and retrieve company contact information.

We're making it possible for people to dial company names instead of searching for telephone numbers, consolidating social media branding and allowing companies to take back control of their contact information. We're re-inventing the way people find company contact information online – making it open, structured and machine readable.

NUM isn't an app or service: it's a protocol that apps and services can be built on top of. To see how a user could retrieve contact information from the DNS for the insurer Aviva watch our simple user demo video (30 seconds).

In the 80s, Internet users reached online content by typing IP addresses into their computers. It was really hard, so some clever chaps invented the Domain Name System (DNS) – a way to make IP addresses easier for us humans to reach, by giving them names. We believe we should use the same system for all sorts of hard-to-remember contact information.

Today, humans dial billions of telephone numbers one digit at a time. Street addresses are difficult to remember. And has anyone, ever, been able to remember a set of GPS co-ordinates? We use the DNS to solve these problems and more.

We've overcome the chicken and egg problem with our patented technology. We were recently awarded a substantial government innovation grant, and we're well funded having just closed our seed round. We're very ambitious and building a team quickly.

The part that you'll be working on

If you've ever managed the DNS settings of a domain name (it doesn't matter if you haven't) you'll know that making changes is complex and risky – put a foot wrong and your website or email stops!

You'll be leading the development of a simple user-friendly web app for companies to add and manage their contact data in the DNS.

Ideally we'd like you to use Ruby or Node but open to alternatives.

Who you'll be working with

You'll work with the inventor of the protocol and CEO. You will be employee #4 or #5. We're growing fast so you will have a great opportunity to influence company culture and methodology.

Where you'll be working

You'll be based at Level39 in Canary Wharf – a fantastic community of startups with freshly baked cookies every day at 3pm plus regular socials. You'll have one of the best views of London from your desk in our private office.

The type of person we're looking for

We're looking for someone who is ambitious and passionate about the problem we're working on. Someone with an eye for detail who is organised, methodical and a good communicator.

If that sounds like you, then please get in touch.

Salary range £50,000 — 70,000

Plus equity