Opsly is a self-service platform to help engineers simplify the process of setting up cloud infrastructure. There are around 30,000 startups per year in the UK alone and all of them requiring a cloud set up on AWS/Azure. We want to save technology startups time and money without the headache of designing and setting up all the cloud components from scratch.

Our product works by connecting our platform with AWS/Azure providers and allows the user to design a WYSIWYG of a cloud architecture diagram, it generates infrastructure-as-code, scans your existing cloud infrastructure and recommends optimizations based on our dataset of cloud recommendations.

The ideal candidate must have a strong technical background including having used the latest technologies in Java/Kotlin and also front-end such as Angular 7. The individual will also work closely with the founder who has 3+ years of experience in cloud and 6+ years in developing products.

Skills you must have:

- Minimum 5 years of experience
- Team-player and great communication skills
- Hard-working and goal-oriented
- Independent and self-sufficient individual

  • A degree level education in a tech-related subject
  • Cloud Architecture fundamentals in AWS, Azure
  • Angular 7
  • Java/Kotlin for web app development (not mobile)
  • MongoDB
  • Front-end development
  • HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript
  • Advanced Data Structures & Algorithms
  • Google Cloud Platform, Kuberneters deployment
  • Linting/Testing frameworks


  • Experienced in building enterprise-scale products
  • Machine Learning knowledge
  • Experienced in building drag-n-drop products


Salary: £70,000
Equity: 3%

Salary range £60,000 — 70,000

2% equity