Why you should join us

Figaroo is a fast-growing Start Up, started less than 8 months ago in London and managing to raise 209% of the goal in crowdfunding on Crowdcube.

Figaroo operates in the Luxury space and wants to offer to its prestigious Members worldwide only the best experiences to share together. Joining Figaroo’s team at this stage means to become a solid part of the company and to be in pole position while we grow together.

Everyday at Figaroo is an ambitious and stimulating challenge, while working to accomplish excellence and building a product that means adrenaline to the users.

Ultimately, Marco Scotti, our CEO, went trough international entrepreneurship in New York and Silicon Valley and his only goal is to empower us as a team in order to compete with, and defeat, the world’s biggest titans.

Your role

We're looking for our first developer, using native iOS (Swift), to build and release the Figaroo iOS App.

The developer will be supplied with an UI resource and has to be great at managing it; making sure the design and the backend perfectly match together, in organized and fast pace.

We also have an UX resource, which can be optionally leveraged if the developer believes it’s necessary.

Ultimately, at Figaroo we are all fully committed to the success of the company and don’t fear sacrifices to reach it. The company highly appreciates the effort that comes from the heart and is more than pleased to reward it both economically and with share options.

What we expect from our developers

  • iOS and frontend: Swift.
  • Backend: GraphGL, AWS AppSync

  • Quality Assurance \ Test Automation \ Continuous Integration

  • Min. 3 years experience

  • You have outstanding software development skills. You write clean, maintainable and technically sound code.

  • As part of the development team, you’re responsible for the scalability, security and performance of the platform. This responsibility underlines all of your work and it plays on repeat in your head whilst you code away.
  • You really want to build something new. You’re confident in suggesting new and brave ideas, technologies and ways of working.
  • You’re super eager, want to learn new technologies and get knee-deep
  • You’re happy to communicate clearly with both techy people as well as the wider business. Meaning you can explain things and not sound like you’re talking about quantum gravity.

As the ideal candidate, you have...

  • Full confidence building brilliant, totally functional, flawless and sparkling iOS Apps
  • Experience, patience and kindness when directing other people
  • Ability to take full responsibility of the development, coordinating the resource needed/at disposal, within the right timeframe.
  • Ambition to become the CTO of a star-seeking company

Salary range £30,000 — 45,000

Dependent on amount of tasks you accept or decide to send in outsource