About us

We are a B2B travel startup in stealth mode right now. We fight to bring better services to businesses. In the past 10 years, something big changed in the travel industry. Alternative serviced accommodation emerged with lower prices and better value than the big hotel chains. But The current B2B established players have lost contact with how the world has changed and keep relying mainly on hotels for accommodation. That’s why we are creating a new ecosystem to serve business travelers. Starting with a different software approach all the way to offline operations.

We are looking for
80% developer 20% product manager. An efficient full stack developer that will not only build the product but be great at deciding the product roadmap as well. If you’ve been in one of the fast-growing startups and want to create the next big thing then this may be for you.

Proven track record in:
- Shipping 3 products that you’ve built and scaled
- Create product roadmaps based on company OKRs
- Hiring and managing other developers

What’s in it for you?
Double digits equity in the startup
Great salary
Chance, good timing and resources to build a rocketship startup.

Extreme focus
Aggressive growth

North star metric

Team values
Core team and employees.
The core team will be held at higher standards of accountability.
Consult with many, decide alone.

Salary range £55,000 — 85,000