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About Supplycompass

We’re on a mission to transform the way the world’s products are made. Supply chains have been global for years, but finding the right manufacturer - and getting the right product built - is incredibly difficult, even for the world’s biggest brands.

Our current platform is predominantly for brands, and streamlines the product development process. Our future roadmap includes expanding to furnish all three sides of our marketplace, integrations with more actors in the supply chain, and further spin-out products and services based on the data we capture. It's a space with huge scope for innovation and smart technical solutions.

With significant early traction, regular revenue and another investment round closing, we're building our in-house product & engineering team to be the heartbeat that drives the company forward.

The role:

We're looking for someone who is a creative problem solver and can lead on product development. Taking account of both the commercial and operational sides of the business to build a user-focused product that enables brands and manufacturers to work better together.

With product, we recognise that product managers come in different guises, with different backgrounds, and different outlooks. In short, we’re looking for someone with a well-rounded mix of skills that we can complement with our other hires; combined with the energy, drive and enthusiasm to achieve this company’s big vision.

Whether that is a product manager who emphasises the view of the customer above all else, and has the background in research and design to drive that through; or a more technical product manager who can work more closely with our development team, and shape the rituals and cadence of Agile delivery. Here’s some boxes we’d like you to tick:


- Experience within the product manager domain, or similar, for 5+ years

- Solid in all the basics (e.g. roadmaps, prioritisation, discovery and definition)

- Deep domain knowledge in one or two related areas (e.g. marketing/growth, software development, or analytics)

- Strong, confident communication skills

We’d also like you to have a rounded perspective on how you believe product should work at a startup, and demonstrable experience spotting and guiding pivots post-launch.

Salary range £40,000 — 70,000

Dependent on Experience