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NO CASH This is equity only

I am seeking a strong sales-focussed co-founder for a project with a $4.5trillion TAM

Ideally you:

 Already have a large reputation and trust, and are able to sell to clients directly;

Have previously taken a startup through its first 100 sales;

It would be highly desirable if you have also succesfully built a sales or marketing team but not necessary.

I have a additional people (including some sales) who can come on at a later stage where needed. I have some others to assist however is mostly advisers and spare time at this point a more hands on cofounder role is required. This could be part time at this stage, as long as you are prepared to go full time if things take off.

There is a  possibility of pivoting to another idea if you have something with strong marketing sales demand (pre-order and other quick sells are a good fit) and only need a team to build and maintain it. I'm happy to discuss the prior pivots with you, however they are harder to prototype.

S&P 500 beating RoboAdvisor. (self coded) My current simulation is getting 12%-20% annualised returns. I have the backend for the proof of concept up and running. If you wish you can see historic and live direct picks from www.drysig.blog (this is a very poor is demo but gives you an idea.)

I am looking for a sales cofounder for current project. Ideally you will have experience with the target market, and in person direct sales. I am open to changing the current marketing/sales and development strategy . However the current goal is to garner €60000 in order to fully flesh out an MVP of regular suggestions for other geographies and some personalised suggestions. (capital from sales is a major requirement here as lack of capital is why my attempt about a year ago collapsed)

This will also allow for creating relationships with early customers/beta users as well as gaining a wider following. The mid term goal is the creation of a no frills mutal with low management charges (since the majority of the work is automated) longer term the possibility of creating a blockchain based commodity currency . Thus currency backed by a basket of shares will show less volatility than average Bitcoin cryptocurrency while still benefiting from dividend and stock appreciation, giving greater returns than standard money . The use of tokenisation will democratize the current process.

my discord is kchiggs and my telegram link is kchiggsie

Salary range £0 — 0

Equity(And/or commissions) Only