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We’re recruiting for a Senior Operations Manager to join us at Airfi. This is a really exciting role at an extremely exciting and challenging time, with a pathway towards a promotion to Head of Global Operations within about twelve months of getting started.

We're hiring a person and skill set for this role more than we're looking for a wealth of experience, so if you think you've got what it takes, you should apply.

What's Airfi do?

Our world is getting more and more connected. Devices like wireless cameras, smart alarms, connected watches, and automatic door locks are giving us more control, security, and opportunities to communicate than ever before.

Airfi Networks is a key enabler to this connected revolution. Helping our customers connect their end users products to mobile networks around the world, we provide billing, account management and connectivity services alongside our network partners, which include AT&T and Rogers.

That means we do everything from helping end-users to register and activate their devices, to charging them for their monthly bills and giving them support when something goes wrong, all in the name of big, tier one hardware manufacturers you’ve already heard of. We do all the back office work, connectivity management and Operations for them, so they only have to worry about creating great devices - as they already do today.

We’re headquartered in London, UK, with offices in Atlanta, Georgia and San Francisco, California.

What do I need to bring to the table?

More than anything else, you’re the kind of person that gets things done and makes things happen in whichever industry you’re currently working. Whether you’re a customer services manager, a TV production assistant, a marketing executive or a retail manager, you understand what it means to have people reliant on you, and you’re comfortable and confident with taking the lead to get things done.

You’re a natural and enthusiastic leader, with a meticulous approach to your work and attention to detail. If you don’t know how something works already, it doesn’t take you long to figure it out and you’ve got a great grasp on numbers - the idea of juggling six or seven figure budgets doesn’t phase you. You understand how to get the most out of the teams you work with and manage, delivering feedback, steering the ship and taking control in a crisis. It’s a bit of a cliché, but you’re a leader, not a manager.

You’re happy to get stuck into anything (we’re a startup, after all). You might even have experience of things like writing copy to help and inform, designing graphics and creating and editing videos for our documentation website, or collecting and collating customer and end user feedback. You’re not daunted by the idea of using specialist software and tools to achieve business goals, and you might even have experience in some of them.

You’re great in a crisis and in a conversation. You understand how to prioritise tasks and bring everyone together to get things back up and running. You’re confident and comfortable with talking to customers, end users, internal stakeholders and regulators even if the topic of communication is difficult. You can often be found speaking your mind, but you know how to do it without rubbing people up the wrong way. You can get everyone around the table, and forge a path forwards.

Crucially, we don’t expect you to have, or know, all of the above skills. But we do expect you to have the capacity to pick them up fast, and juggle them against competing priorities once you’ve got them.

What will I be doing?

The Senior Operations Manager will report into the Interim Head of Global Operations, who has a wealth of Operational experience but is moving to a Head of Product role within the company. You’ll be the No. 1 point of contact for all day-to-day Operational issues at Airfi.

You’ll immediately inherit a team of two Operations Analysts, and a large and broad remit encompassing customer and end user service, software change and release management including documentation, colleague IT and systems, organisational process and policy, providing a 24 hour on-call function and even a little bit of Human Resources.

In customer and end user service, in the first twelve months, you’ll work alongside our Interim Head of Global Operations to open, build and scale an off-shore Operational Support Centre (likely in the Philippines) where we’ll do our front line service going forwards.

You’ll make sure they have all the tools, resources and training they need, completing regular site and compliance visits. You’ll enable them to deliver incredible service at ambitious budgets. And when we bring new customers on-board, you’ll make sure they have all the support and information that they need.

In software change and release management, you’ll make sure that we only ship software changes when they’re ready, providing release management and due diligence to minimise errors and issues, ensuring things only go out of the door when they’re ready.

You’ll ensure we’ve got great, up-to-date, accurate documentation supported by video and multimedia content for our customers and end users so everything is clear and easy to understand.

When it comes to colleague IT and systems, you’ll manage and improve Airfi KnowHow, our employee intranet, make sure our teams have the tools they need to communicate by looking after Office 365 and the little things - like ensuring when people start, they’ve got monitors, laptops and all the other hardware they need ready on their desk, the first day.

You’ll also look after things like domain names, SSL certificates, web hosting and services - making sure all the bills are paid and we’re getting the best value.

In organisational process and policy, you’ll ensure that everything we do is documented so it’s replicable by others, and you’ll work towards us achieving ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard certification by the end of 2018 - ensuring your process library is clear, simple and easy to read and understand. You’ll also monitor process compliance, making sure we’re all doing the right thing.

If something goes wrong, you’ll take the lead, ensuring that everyone is up to date and knows what’s going on, we’re considering all the challenges we need to get things back up and running and, when something goes wrong overnight, we’re getting the right people out of bed.

Finally in HR, you’ll ensure that we’re compliant with hiring rules, employees get their reviews on time, managers feel supported to lead their teams and all of our information is up to date and in the right place.

You won’t do everything above alone. You’ll be assisted by our Interim Head of Global Operations, alongside the two Operations Analysts already in position, you’ll recruit more team members - both managers and analysts - who’ll ultimately form your management team - and give you the tools and skills you need to forge a path forwards for yourself.

When you feel ready, and we’re confident you’re up for the challenge, we’ll promote you to Head of Global Operations, you’ll report straight into our CTO and you’ll have full operational control of the company - so you’ve certainly got promotion prospects here! In fact, we’re hoping you’ll be ready in about a year.

What will I get in return?

You’ll be one of the first twenty employees of an exciting, global startup. You will have real responsibility and real opportunities to grow and shape our business, defining how we do things and ultimately taking control of our Operations function, the backbone of our business.

You’ll have the opportunity to work from a great office space, with flexible hours, brand new equipment and above-average annual leave (28 days plus bank holidays, from day one). We’ve also got hundreds of discounts and perks for all employees, from cinema tickets to gym memberships.

And of course, all Airfi roles come with a competitive salary and equity options. As this role has 24/7 emergency call-out responsibilities, we’ll pay you a fair weekly allowance for each and every week you’re on-call, too.

Salary range £35,000 — 45,000

Dependent on experience