About the role:

We're looking for an engineer who'll be able to define and build secure and robust architectures for big projects, get involved in mentoring the tech team, performance tuning and debugging any part of our stack from our JS through to MySQL and a whole lot more in between.

You'll be able to take a large amount of control over the products you're working on, including the tools, technologies and processes you'd like to see.

We need someone with a solid understanding of computer science, so ideally you'll have a CS degree (or higher) but also a keen eye for design and user experience.

Technologies we currently use:

AWS, Docker, MySQL, React, React Native, Redux, Redux Sagas, Jest, Django, Celery, Circle CI, Hubot

About OnCare:

We're a tech for good business, making care easier for everyone involved – care workers, agencies, people receiving care and their families. Join us in making care easier and modernising the care industry!

OnCare's been around for just over two years, we have recently closed a round of funding and we're making great progress, with a large number of care agencies around the UK relying on our services, daily.

We're a startup of 11 that doesn't take ourselves too seriously. We don't work silly hours and we go out for lunch as a team at least once a week.

Our engineering culture puts emphasis on allowing engineers time to focus and do deep work without distractions, whilst also promoting personal and professional growth. All of our code goes through code review on Github, we have a healthy focus on unit testing and we frequently do pair programming all in the name of creating a solid service and refining our craft. We run a lightweight version of Kanban, putting emphasis on working on the most important things, not necessarily urgent.

There's a lot more to OnCare, our mission and this role that I'd love to talk to you about, so apply here and let's talk.

Salary range £50,000 — 70,000