Smart, nice generalist

Koru Kids


Smart, nice generalist needed for customer-facing operations in friendly VC-backed startup

About Koru Kids

Koru Kids is on a mission to improve childcare in London. We’re making it easier and more affordable for families to access flexible and high quality childcare, by helping them share nannies with other families. This helps bring down the cost of childcare for the parents, means the nanny gets paid more, and gives the children a new friend to play with. Parents have responded enthusiastically, and our network of families is growing very fast.

We are backed by fantastic investors, including top venture capitalists and business angels such as Michael Pennington the founder of Gumtree. We’ve also caught the eye of the founder of Airbnb, who said of us, “Koru Kids is bringing the sharing economy to childcare in a totally new way.”

About the Team

We have an informal, hard-working and kind team culture.

- Our founder is Rachel Carrell, an alumna of Balliol College Oxford. Rachel is the former CEO of DrThom.com, the world’s largest online doctor service, which she grew to over 1.3m paying users in 3 countries. She’s also ex-McKinsey, a Rhodes Scholar and a WEF Young Global Leader.

- Rachel’s joined by Rebecca, who has great experience of marketing and operations, and Kitty, who takes care of customers.

Our small team works from a co-working space near Euston Station in London (110 Hampstead Rd). The office is full of other startups and is very friendly and buzzy.

About the role

We have been overwhelmed with customer demand for our service. We need someone to come and help us with this, so we’ve created this new role.

- Your main job will be customer-facing operations. This means speaking to mums (sometimes dads and nannies, but usually mums) on the phone, and emailing/texting them. This will probably be at least 75% of the job.

- At times you might also do other things, like create some written content for our website, create a marketing calendar, do some data analysis, do some payroll or payments work, implement some new software, research things online, run errands such as going to the post office, leaflet outside tube stations, meet parents at a local event, or help out with online marketing. (These are just examples.) This will be up to 25% of the job.

You’ll be a key member of our team, and you’ll get all the training, coaching and support you need to do these things well.

Your normal hours of work will be 830am to 6pm on weekdays, plus 2 hours of work at the weekend which can be done whenever you like. Your weekday work will normally be from our offices in Euston, while the weekend work can be done remotely.

3 reasons this role is great:

- You will learn a TON. Customer-facing operations will be your main focus, but you’ll get plenty of exposure to marketing and other aspects of the business. You’ll learn how to found a business, about operations, marketing, technology, and finance. You’ll also be surrounded by other startups trying to grow. If you want to, you can get stuck into the London startup scene, with its evening meetups and events, which is incredibly dynamic and fun.

- You’ll be making a huge difference to the everyday lives of parents in London. We’re building a business that will profoundly benefit children, women, and families.

- We’re well-connected in the startup world, so working with us will open lots of doors for you even if you leave. We’ve got a strong track record of helping people we’ve worked with

About you

We’re after an all-rounder who is clever, practical, positive and nice. We don’t mind what degree you’ve done, as long as you’ve done well in it. We’ll also be looking for evidence of spark and energy in the extracurricular stuff you’ve done.

Ideally you will have about 2 years of experience in the workforce already. If you had sales experience that would be particularly wonderful.

Essential skills

- You’re able to write clearly, simply and accurately, with perfect spelling and grammar

- You’re comfortable with speaking to new people, both in person and on the phone

- You’re emotionally intelligent. Although you’ll like to talk, the most important thing you’ll do is listen. Choosing childcare is an emotional decision, and you’ll need to help parents through the process

- You’re detail-oriented. We deal with payroll and payments, and the details must be 100% correct

- You’re a problem-solver. As we are a young company, there aren’t many fixed processes yet. That means you can create new processes, make suggestions, and tell us we’re doing things wrong

- You roll with it. You understand that startups are unpredictable environments. You are comfortable with a degree of chaos

- You’re nice. You get that no player is bigger than the team. You fit right into our culture of supporting and helping each other.

Skills/experience that are not essential but would be fantastic

- Ability to code, or enthusiasm to learn. (This isn’t a dev role but if you wanted to practice on your own time we would cheer you on and create opportunities for you)

- Passion for design or photography (you would need your own equipment, but again we could certainly create opportunities for you to practice)

Salary range £26,000 — 26,000