Software Developer/Engineer


London | Full-Time

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We are looking for a software developer to enhance and upgrade our smart city audit software, the CLAT (City Life Assessment Tool). After collecting urban data (energy, transports, waste and recycling, etc) from various stakeholders, the data is harmonised and entered into the CLAT. The software has been developed to cross reference the data sets, with an established weighing scheme, and to come up with overall grades and graphs of the dynamic of the city. We are looking for a software developer to continue developing the data sets and to integrate an extension to evaluate the financial consequences of the environmental externalities of the cities. The CLAT has been developed in RUBY and can easily be developed using other languages.

This role will be part of the technology development team and you will work directly with Victor Custot, co-founder of YouBe. We will work with you to make sure you develop the skills you are looking for and we will provide you optional networking opportunities and social events.


  • Enhance the City Life Assessment Tool software

  • Implement a design pathway user-centered (research, design and evaluation - Design Thinking, Lean UX, Design sprint)

  • Realization of maintenance and user documentation

  • Ensuring automated testing and security needs are addressed

  • Working with Analytics team to ensure we learn from every user experience

  • Developing the CLAT in a new language


  • Mastering of software design and PROTOTYPAGE

  • Experience in Full Stack, Java, C++, Ruby development

  • Experience in API REST coding, with JSO

  • Ability to communicate with the team members


  • Awareness & passion related to cloud scale monitoring and big-data analysis.

  • Communication skills: you can present your projects (designs, models), and communicate them


  • Salary: According to applicant’s profile

  • Location: London, in shared-space offices to be determined

  • Contact: [email protected]

  • Website: htpps://www.yoube.earth

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