Are you a Data Scientist who is aspiring to get a broad grasp of the cutting edge AI/Machine Learning tech out there, applying them to exciting new areas that are of interest to our corporate investors/partners?

Does making a difference in the areas of beauty, media, publishing, travel, or fintech sound interesting?

Have you perhaps worked on any of natural language, image recognition, predictive analytics, recommender systems, intent engines, time-series modelling and want to broaden your experience across the spectrum?

Do you relish working closely with product people, engineers on minimum viable projects? This is an opportunity to invent the minimum viable science in a startup studio setting.

Founders Factory is a new startup studio/incubator set up to explore innovative ways to launch tech businesses. In the past year, we have combined the talents of engineers, product managers and designers to build three new businesses across the Education and Finance sectors. We recently expanded our business areas to an additional four sectors, of which Artificial Intelligence is now a new exciting vertical. We have committed to creating sixty tech companies over the next five years, with 10 in the AI sector.


To be considered, you will need:

  • Good coding skills in a language suitable for data science, e.g. python, java, matlab, R, etc.
  • Hands-on experience with data science/machine learning techniques, such as neural networks, matrix factorisation, embeddings, topological graph analysis or numerical optimisation
  • Curiosity about new developments in AI/ML and a desire to apply the most appropriate best-in-class solutions to the product brief and mvp timescales
  • A good deal of pragmatism, agility and creative problem solving
  • Good communication skills, in particular ability to provide scientific input to the product ideation process
  • Desire to switch platforms and frameworks to use the best tools for the job
  • Strong ambition for continuous improvement and mastering your trade.

Bonus points will be given to:

  • Appreciation of scaling computation to large clusters using Hadoop, Spark, etc.
  • Having used frameworks such as Tensorflow, Theano, Keras or Cafe
  • Familiarity of numerical optimisation techniques, neural network architecture (Conv NNs, LSTMS, GANs), natural language processing (language models, topic models, constituency/dependency parsing)
  • Familiarity exposing AI/ML components through web services or wrappers (e.g. Flask in python)
  • Visualisation of high-dimensional datasets (t-SNE, topological data analysis).

Salary range £50,000 — 60,000

Equity in Founders Factory, which has a stake in all the startups we support