Technical Analyst

Columbus Capital

London | Full-Time

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Description: This role will involve analysing the technical aspects of prospective investments (ICOs, pre-ICOs, SAFT level companies) including, but not limited to:

- Analysing the code base of prospective investments.

- Analysing white papers and advising on the technical viability of projects.

Whilst this role will mainly involve technical and code-based analysis, you will be expected to have a wide understanding of the factors involved in making investment decisions.

Successful candidates should be well versed in areas such as consensus protocols, token economics and associated concepts. They should be highly skilled at writing and reading code in several programming languages. They should also have previous experience writing code for complex systems at production level.

Successful candidates should be interested in crypto personally, potentially as an amateur investor. 

Experience: Minimum 3 years experience as a full-time developer.

Based in: London

Columbus Capital is one of Europe's leading blockchain funds. We invest early and long-term in blockchain companies with a clear focus on adoption. We invest in teams worldwide with strong founders who we can support with our European network. Over time, as we gain conviction, we look to increase exposure to our investments.