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Technical Founder


London | Full-Time

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In Short

We’re a sexual health tech startup.

You’re a wannabe technical founder, intrigued by that last sentence.

In Slightly Longer

Essentially Troglo is educating users about the risks associated with sexual behaviours and helping them adjust these behaviours to improve their long-term wellbeing. The result of this is a lower chance of contracting infections in the future, improved mental and sexual health, and fewer awkward text messages to old one-night stands.

We are also leveraging the anonymous information gained through the platform to affect change on a larger scale. This will rely on the development of sophisticated AI tools which can be used by our healthcare partners to predict and subsequently prevent future outbreaks.

Sexual health is something that affects almost everyone and yet is something that is only briefly touched on, if at all, in formal education. This has led to misinformation about certain conditions, and as a result, led people to make ill-informed decisions that have the potential of causing life-changing conditions.

The Bullet Points

The responsibilities of this position are:

- Lead all technical aspects within the business
- Build on and improve MVP
- Implement a development roadmap
- Implement security measures to the platform
- Good understanding of UI/UX
- Continuously improve the platform's capabilities
- Integrate AI functionalities
- App Development understanding

Our ideal CTO will have:

- Sufficient experience in developing consumer apps
- Experience with iOS and Android development
- Good knowledge of different coding platforms, systems and languages
- Strong interest in the industry and the problems we are trying to solve
- Have a desire to join a start-up and build from the ground up
- Is excited about fast growth and a big challenge

At The Moment

We currently have an interim CTO who is to be replaced by someone with more experience in mobile development while he takes on a different role. This interim CTO is developing the MVP which we will soon begin to test with users.

In the coming months we plan to refine and launch the first iteration of the public product with users in universities across the UK, and then expand our user base out from here. This will be the main responsibility of the successful applicant, and they will be expected to have significant input in how the platform is refined and developed from day one.


What we’re building will cater to a wide range of different users and therefore diversity and inclusivity are priorities when building our team. We want as many different perspectives as possible!

Currently, we're a small team of 3 people with each committing different amounts of time to the project. Though this will become more solidified over the next few months once we have finished raising our first round.


- The ability to influence the company from day 1
- Significant equity package
- Coworking space in central London (Somerset House), with free exhibition access

To Apply

Send me an email introducing yourself, your main experience, and outline how the problem has affected you or those around you.

Extra points if you highlight or suggest something about the platform we haven’t considered before.