• Grapevine is an exciting new travel media platform that combines recommendations from friends and influencers with high quality media content (articles, blogs & videos).

• The business is now funded and we are seeking a talented and driven marketing / sales lead with a strong track record, ideally in startups and desire to be part of a fast moving and dynamic startup.

• As a key member of the founding team, the role will be multifaceted and will be involve ongoing input into the strategic direction of the business.

Ideal candidate:

• Established track record in marketing - ideally with experience in travel / media space.

• Track record of identifying and building communities and delivering growth, engagement and retention at low cost

• Ability to establish brand identity and strategy

• Strong track record of building relationships with strategic partners

• Identification of and execution on revenue strategies with focus on unit economics

• Knowledge of customer psychology and rewards structures

• Strong background in content, analytics, SEO, digital marketing and PR

• Good knowledge of product and driving value proposition.

• Experience working with influencers across multiple channels.

Personality & Values:

• Highly efficient and proven ability to execute

• Startup mentality

• Ability to roll up the sleeves with limited budgets – a hustler

• Team player with the right values – personable & fun!

• Strong communications skills (internally and externally)

• On top of / ahead of industry best practice – curious / ambitious

• Happy to be wrong / ask for help

• Ability to establish and draw from a support network

• Passionate and willing to put in discretionary effort

• 100% customer focus

• Fast worker - ability to ship with out perfectingxt…

Salary range £35,000 — 55,000

5+ years experience, preferably in startups